Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I Don't Remember - Bow Campbell's Bloody Hell
For All the Marbles - Amandine
Since K Got Over Me - The Clientele
Light - Ben Quin
Girl - Rhett Miller
LJ's Third Summer In Heaven - G.A Richards
Sad Songs Street - Richard Swift
Broken Bones - Sons And Daughters
Here comes the summer - Firey Furnaces
Spring Rain - The Go Betweens
I've been moved - Kev Carmondy
You and I keep Falling - Kath Bloom
Sooner or later - Marah
Summers Gone - The Rumours
So Long and thanks for all the fish - El Borracho
Sunshine - Josh Rouse
Wasted - Julia Stone
Midnight Sunshine - Tex Perkins
Who turned out the Lights - Tim Rogers
Caroline No - The Beach Boys
Who's breakin your heart - The Holy Soul
I'm done with drugs - Eugene Kelly
The Mule - The Magic Numbers
What's the use - Edith Frost
Danko and Manuel - Drive by Truckers


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