Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Woo! We got really excited about the new album by Amy Rigby ( called Little Fugitives. Check it out! Plus Ed Kuepper's Laughing Clown have a beauft little box set out, and what the hell, we played a little Ween.

Rex's Blues - Entrance
Made A Lie - Lucie Thorne
What Isn't Nature - Cass McCombs
Stolen Day - Mike Noga
Sad Sexy - The Dirty Three
Chances - The Dirt Band
I summon You - Spoon
The Stranger - Tim Ireland
Lets Go Out Tonight - Kelley Stoltz
7/4 Shoreline - Broken Social Scene
Over All - Francoiz Bruet
I saw her at an anti war demonstration - Jens Lekman
Let's Dance - M Ward
Needy Men… - Amy Rigby
New Bully In Town - Laughing Clowns
NY Pie - The Brakes
These Days - Jackson Browne
Where Love Goes - The Robot Ate Me
Mary Lynn - Michael Penn
Uncle Vania - The Spoils
Somethimes - Melanie Horshnell
Kathys Song - Simon And Garfunkel
You Don' Make it Easy Babe - Josh Ritter
Who you gonna Hoo Doo Now - Tony Joe White
Comfort Zone - Great Dividing Range
New Rain On A Summer Road - The Bon Scotts
Gabrielle - Ween


Blogger Pip said...

Hi Sarah and William,
just wondering where the playlists are for the last couple of weeks. I was working and didn't get a chance to listen to the show!
Also, I handed my demo in to Dan Zilber, who passed a copy on to you guys. Have you had a chance to listen to it yet? The most radio friendly song is probably Crusade Revival, or maybe After Running if you're looking for something a little less frantic. Anyway... send me an email if you have time and let me know what you think - Thanks! Oh and I love your show!

4:03 pm  
Blogger Blog World said...

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