Thursday, January 19, 2006


Four Hours In Washington - M. Ward
I Want Every Make Of Holden Ever Made - The Re-Mains
The Leaves Of Tea - Calvin Johnson
A Kiss Before I Go - Ryan Adams
Moonshiner - Andrew Kidman
Run For Your Life - The Cowboy Junkies
Lisa Said - Baxter Dury
The Amateurs - Brett Millar
Empty Shell - Cat Power
Cold Ambition - Fouth Floor Collapse
Some Body's Baby - Yo La Tengo
Catch A Collapsing Star - Mendoza Line
She's Got A New Spell - Billy Bragg
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
I Still Miss Someone - Johnny Cash
Greystone Chapel - Johnny Cash
One Too Many Mornings - Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash
Song Of Another Love - Underground Lovers
The Way I Made You Feel - Ed Kupper
The Trials Of Harrison Hayes - Willard Grant Conspiracy
Almost Broken - The Comformists

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Twenty Nine - Ryan Adams
Hawaiian Pizza - Black Nielson
Man on a String - Arizona AMP and Alternator
Clap your Hands - Clap your hands and say Yeah
The Greatest - Cat Power
Did I tell you - Yo La engo
I took too long to get to you - The Cliffy David Goodtime Band
Thigh Man - Guided by Voices
Mr Bojangles - Tom T. Hall
Taste the Last Girl - Sons and Daughters
Black-Eyed Susan - Laura Veirs
You Broke a Beautiful Thing - Paul Kelly
How can I Love you if you wont lie down - Silver Jews
Let's go out tonight - Kelly Stoltz
Wet Wood - Tania Bowra
Gail with the golden wood - Handsome Family
Sweetest Decline -Beth Orton
Three Cats Watch - Grand Salvo
Phonetag - Peabody
Mir - The Bats
Tell your story - Steph Miller
Little Sparrow - Bettye Lavette
How am I Different - Bettye Lavette
Jesus caught the 519 - The Holy Soul
Since K Got Over Me - The Clientele
Trouble - Elliot Smith
Revelator - Gillian Welch


Whats the use - Edih Frost
Mandolin Wind - Rod Stewart
For all the Marbles - Amandine
Man on a String - Arizona AMP and Alternator
Untrue - Tara Angell
Everybody Moves Away - Died Pretty
Saturdays - Josh Rouse
Theres nobody coming over - Nic Dalton
It’s a Lazy Day - Flying Burrito Brothers
Where Love Goes - The Robot Ate Me
Burn - Brendan Welch
Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstandt
Fear No Pain - Will Mason
Jezabel - Iron and Wine
Horses in the Sky - The Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra Tra la la Band
I was a young Boy - The Gin Club
Rialto - Laura Veirs
Who Really Cares - Linda Perhacs
Turning Backs - Vashti Bunyan
Come Here - Kath Bloom
Big Country Blues - Shirl Milete
Gun Slinger - The Kill Devil Hills
All the Wild Horses - Ray Lamontagne
The Sky is Crying - Elmore James
Death to Everyone - Bonnie Prince Billy

Thursday, December 29, 2005


I'm The Man Who Loves You - Wilco
Like Rasputin - Amy Rigby
The Singer Songwriter Blues - Tim Rogers and the Temperance Union
Mainline - The Holy Soul
The Dark Don't Hide It - Magnolia Electric Company
They Can't Buy the Sunshine - Turin Brakes
What A Wonderful World - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
There's Nobody Coming Over - Nic Dalton With the Gloomchasers Orchestra
She Really Wants You - Aimee Mann
The Shape I'm In - The Band
Makers I - Machine Translations
I See You, You See Me - The Magic Numbers
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Jose Gonzalez
Black Star - Gillian Welch
What A Wonderful Man - My Morning Jacket
The Greatest - Cat Power
Tiny European Cars - Clem Snide
Shelter - Ray LaMontagne
I Want Every Make Make Of Holden Ever Made - The Re-Mains
The Biggest Lie - Bright Eyes
Late - Ben Folds
Trouble - Elliott Smith
Dumb It Down - The Pernice Brothers
Come Wind Come Rain - Vashti Bunyan
Record Store - The Brunettes
Drunk On Election Night - Dan Kelly And the Alpha Males
St Petersburg - Supergrass
Decatur - Sufjan Stevens
Life - Josh Rouse

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Death To Everyone - Bonnie Prince Billy
Lady Day - Richard Swift
I Was A Young Boy - The Gin Club
Borrowed Tune - Neil Young
Johny and June - Tim Oxley
Sacred Heart - Cass McCombs
April the 14th (part 1 ) - Gillian Welch
Fathers and Sons - Amandine
I'm a Rabbit, I 'm a Fox - Laura Jean
Christmas Letter Home - Laura Cantrell
It's about Twilight - My Morning Jacket
Highway Kind - Townes Van Zandt
Tell your Story - Steph Miller
California Waiting - Kings of Leon
Hey Joe - Tim Rose
Long Time Man - Tim Rose
Burn - Brendan Welch
Key Hole Song - Lillian Boutte / Soundtrack to Angel Heart
Dirty Old Town - The Pogues
I Want You - Elvis Costello And the Attractions
I Don't Wanna Talk About It - Crazy Horrse
Mir - The Bats
Animal Shapes - Silver Jews
Attack on Peril Isle - Further

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Two Clocks - Jack Ladder
Reprints (Plastic People) - Henson Cargill
Lullaby For Scout in 10 Years - Scout Nibblet
Julia Burns - The Maple Trail
The Long Dream - The Maple Trail
Jean Jeanie - The Maple Trail / David Bowie
Richard Thompson - Richard Thompson
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Barcelona - The Maple Trail
Watching the Wheels - John Lennon
Great Waves - Dirty Three
Ten Years Ago - Laurie and John
Western Isles - The Bats
Va Va Va Va - The Underground Lovers
Another Radio Song - Okkervill River
The Greatest - Cat Power
Teddy Bear - Red Sovine
LJ's Third Summer in Heaven - G.A Richards and the dark satanic Mills Bros
First Cut is the Deepest - Cat Stevens
Chasing Heather Crazy - Guided by Voices
Shuffle your feet - Black Reble Motorcycle Club
Campus Blues - The Gin Club
The Cloud Room - Laura Veirs
Not Impressed - New Rules for Boats
Hey Who Really Cares - Linda Perhacs
Please Break My Heart - Caitlan Cary and Thad Cockrell

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I Don't Remember - Bow Campbell's Bloody Hell
For All the Marbles - Amandine
Since K Got Over Me - The Clientele
Light - Ben Quin
Girl - Rhett Miller
LJ's Third Summer In Heaven - G.A Richards
Sad Songs Street - Richard Swift
Broken Bones - Sons And Daughters
Here comes the summer - Firey Furnaces
Spring Rain - The Go Betweens
I've been moved - Kev Carmondy
You and I keep Falling - Kath Bloom
Sooner or later - Marah
Summers Gone - The Rumours
So Long and thanks for all the fish - El Borracho
Sunshine - Josh Rouse
Wasted - Julia Stone
Midnight Sunshine - Tex Perkins
Who turned out the Lights - Tim Rogers
Caroline No - The Beach Boys
Who's breakin your heart - The Holy Soul
I'm done with drugs - Eugene Kelly
The Mule - The Magic Numbers
What's the use - Edith Frost
Danko and Manuel - Drive by Truckers

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Take you home - Devastations
Pirate Song - The Gin Club
Sick and Tired of being on my own - David Viner
Low C - Supergrass
The nice One - The Wellingtons
Doin it with You - The Wellingtons
You're One - The Wellingtons
The Outdoor Type - Lemonheads
Johnny and June - Tim Oxley
Halo - Amandine
What's the use - Edith Frost
Trouble - Kirsten Hersh
Intro - Richard Swift
We are nowhere and it's Now - Bright Eyes
Two Clocks - Jack Ladder
I'll be your mirror - The Velevet Underground
Shut Us Down - Lindsay Buckingham
Madaline Mary - Bonnie Prince Billy
If they only knew - Andrew Kidman
Reprints - Henson Cargill
Strawberry Wine - Ryan Adams
Honky Tonk Women - The Rolling Stones
Loving Her was Easier - Kris Kristofferson
I am a Rabbit I am a Fox - Laura Jean

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Nyuntu Ny Aaltjrriku - The Warumpi Band
Watching It All - Old Man River
Yes No Authority - Tucker Bs
Senorita - Steven Smyth
Song Of the Wandering Aengus - Donovan
Jim - The Gin Club
Dot Eye - Sam Prekop
GunSlinger - Kill Devil Hills
What I Miss Most - The Crustaceans
Have You Ever Seen Rain? - Creedence Clrearwater Revival
Trouble - Elliott Smith
Dondante - My Morning Jacket
Cotton Fields - Odetta
It makes no difference - The Band
A Mirage - Edith Frost
Julia Burns - The Maple Trail
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (live) - Wilco
Bring Back My Heart - Martha Wainwright
Sitting by the River side - Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males
Waiting for the Man - Mightnight Amblers
Uncle Vania - The Spoils
Song for the Angles - Great Lake Swimmers

Thursday, November 17, 2005


You're No Good - Dee Dee Warwick
Don't Do It - The Band
Old Hat - The Gin Club
Thank You - The Redwalls
Hometown Blues - Steve Earle
Sad Eyes - Josh Rouse
My Dream Of A Magic Washing Machine - Laura Imbruglia
Dry the Rain - The Beta Band
My Little Song - Butterfly 9
Drunk On Election Night - Dan Kelly And the Alpha Males
Via Chicago - Wilco
Hummingbird - Wilco
You Don't Love Me - Matthew Sweet
Decatur - Sujfan Stevens
Lillian Lies - Youth Group
Like Rasputin - Amy Rigby
I See You, I see Me - The Magic Numbers
Lonely Still - Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter
Aint Done That For A While - The Holy Soul
Free Again - Alex Chilton
Nobody - Johnny Cash
Rainy Days And Mondays - The Carpenters
Thirteen - Elliott Smith
Record Store - The Brunettes
The El - Rhett Miller
Comment - Wilco

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Lucille - Kenny Rogers
California Star - Billy Bragg & Wilco
Freedom Hangs Like Heaven - Iron & Wine
Lives Of Crime - Fruit Bats
Rialto - Laura Veirs
I See A Darkness - Johnny Cash & Will Oldham
24 Hour Stores - Handsome Family
River O Tears - Dan Kelly & the Alpha Males
Golden - My Morning Jacket
The Stranger - Tim Ireland
Lungs - Townes Van Zandt
Not Impressed - New Rules For Boats
Big Mama's Door - Alvin Youngblood Hart
Just Like A Bird Without A Feather - RL Burnside
Smoke Rings - The Mills Brothers
Land Locked Blues - Bright Eyes
Story Of An Artist - M Ward
Loserville - Freakwater
Sweethearts Of Rodeo Drive - The Posies
Wicker Chair - Kings Of Leon