Thursday, December 01, 2005


Take you home - Devastations
Pirate Song - The Gin Club
Sick and Tired of being on my own - David Viner
Low C - Supergrass
The nice One - The Wellingtons
Doin it with You - The Wellingtons
You're One - The Wellingtons
The Outdoor Type - Lemonheads
Johnny and June - Tim Oxley
Halo - Amandine
What's the use - Edith Frost
Trouble - Kirsten Hersh
Intro - Richard Swift
We are nowhere and it's Now - Bright Eyes
Two Clocks - Jack Ladder
I'll be your mirror - The Velevet Underground
Shut Us Down - Lindsay Buckingham
Madaline Mary - Bonnie Prince Billy
If they only knew - Andrew Kidman
Reprints - Henson Cargill
Strawberry Wine - Ryan Adams
Honky Tonk Women - The Rolling Stones
Loving Her was Easier - Kris Kristofferson
I am a Rabbit I am a Fox - Laura Jean


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Take you home - Devastations

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