Thursday, September 29, 2005


The McMenimans from down the road (ie Sydney) joined us for a chat and a song. We also swooned over Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's new one and a new box set by the Band.

Old Hat - The Gin Club
Don't fear the Pheasant - Black Nielson
Anecdote - Ambulance LTD
Shuffle You Feet - Black Rebel Motocycle Club
Inside Out - The Rumours
Tabacco Tin - Mister
It's Only Goodbye - Belles Will Ring
Wayside - McMenamins
Brand New Apron - McMenamins
We Hide And Seek - Union Station with Alison Krauss
Red Clay Halo - Gillian Welch
Hold You In My Arms - Ray Lamontagne
Thank You - The Red Walls
Lisa Said - Baxter Dury
Timebomb - Old 97's
Comfort Zone - The Great Dividing Range
Not the Girl You Think You Are - Holly Throsby
Cry, Cry - Mazzy Star
Fault Line - Black Rebel Motocycle Club
Whispering Pines - The Band
Gabriel - The Gin Club
Awkward at the knees - AVEO
Inside and out - Feist


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