Thursday, April 28, 2005


Last night we got in the car with the ghost of Townes Van Zandt. He waited for us at the highway with nothing but a bag of records, just like in life. If you're never discovered his music, we recommend Live At the Old Quarter...even with the bad jokes.

We played some other stuff too -

I Wonder What That Windshield Tastes Like? - Blood Meridian
Disco 1 - The Mess Hall
A-E-I-O-U - Tecoma
My Best Intentions At Heart - Ed Kuepper
Black Uncle Remus - Loudon Wainright III
Starman - Seu Jorge
Farewell Transmission - The Magnolia Electric Co
Drinking Too Much - Kill Devil Hills
Merge, A Vessel, A Harbour - Great Lake Swimmers
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You - You Am I
Eagle On the Hill - Wagons
White Frieght Liner Blues - Townes Van Zandt
For the Sake Of the Song - Townes Van Zandt
Waiting Round To Die - Townes Van Zandt
Pancho & Lefty - Townes Van Zandt
Big Coiuntry Blues - Shirl Milete
No Place To Fall - Townes Van Zandt
Rex's Blues - Entrance
One Last Time - Daughterboy Jao
Blue Orchid - The White Stripes
Tulsa Country - The Byrds
White Center - Damien Jurado
Daddy Drinks Because You Cry - Self Righteous Brothers
Dirty Death - Jesse Noonan
Danko Manuel - Drive By Truckers

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tomorrow night we'll be looking at the life and works of Townes Van Zandt.

Tune in from 10pm!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


This week we saluted Crosby Stills and Nash (and sometimes Young), our favourite LA cocaine snorting, sperm donating, liver transplanting, drug possessing, illegitimate children having, gun possessing, bad moustache growing, harmony singing hippes ever. And that's just David Crosby.

Without A Song - Vetiver
I Looked All Over Town - Magnetic Fields
Gone For Good - The Shins
Our Song - Driving South
You Weren't Kidding - Mexico City
We Sell Soul - The Spades
Film Of the Movie - Minus 5
Helpless - Nick Cave
Backdoor - Johnny Carr and the Contenders
Devils And Dust - Bruce Springsteen
State Trooper - Jen Cloher
The Canadian Dream - Sam Roberts
Summer's Gone - The Rumours
Wooden Ships - Crosby Stills & Nash
You Don't Have To Cry - Crosby Stills & Nash
Woodstock - Crosby Stills & Nash
Almost Cut My Hair - Crosby Stills & Nash
Ohio - Crosby Stills & Nash
Find the Cost of Freedom - Crosby Stills & Nash
Yeah - Lewis Taylor
Let It Ride - Ryan Adams
Orange Blossom Special - Charles Daniel Band
You're Gonna Miss Me - 13th Floor Elevators
Rebel Rouser - Spurs For Jesus
Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks


Yes, there was a time when Rod Stewart was cool.

The Night Shift Lullaby - Magnolia Electric Co
I'm Going - Hazey Jane
Run Thru - My Morning Jacket
Far Away - Martha Wainwright
Everything is free - Gillian Welch
Headless Horse Man - The Microphones
Polk Salad Annie - Tony Joe White
Walking Bum - Heavy Trash
Where the wind don't blow - Tim Rogers and The Temperance
The Way of Windsome Lonesome - Toby Burke
Mandolin Wind - Rod Stewart
Takin the midnight train - Tony Joe White
Leaving Tidal River - Treetops
Slaveship - Josh Rouse
Daddy - Emmylou Harris
No Satisfaction - Black Mountian
Home Ep - Ben
Walking Dream - Tony Bourke
Listernine - Kirstin Hersh
Not My Fall - Machine Translations
After N. Young - The Microphones
San Quentin - Johnny Cash
Does Any One Really Care - Linda Perhacs
Seven Years - Mister David Viner
Gangsterland - Blue Bottle Kiss
Saturday Night In Oak Grove - Tony Joe White


Had a bit of a Gram Parsons cover versions week.

Nobody's Fault - David Viner
Get Miles - Gomez
Far From Any Road - The Handsome Family
Grow Your Own Food, Make Your Own Furniture - The Boat People
The Unstoppable Missy Brown - The Dawn Collective
Minor Details - The Boat People
Lost at Seaflower Cove - Laura Veirs
State trooper - Jan Cloher
Why took Your Advice - Grandaddy
Pregnant Conversation - Dan Kelly
Le Nausea - Kid Cornered
Lillian Lies - Youth Group
All I Lie - 78 Saab
Baby In Two - Penice Brothers
Blue Eyes - Grandview
Hickory Wind - Gillian Welch
One Hundred Years From Now - Wilco
Who's Loving You - Black Eyed Susans
Wicker Chair - Kings of Leon
Borrowed Tune - Neil Young
You Angel You - New Riders of the Puyrple Sage
Dust my Broom - Elmore James
Watching It All - Old Man River
Tijiuana Lady - Gomez
Viva Ultra - Bonnie Prince Billy
Walking after midnight - Patsy ClineSpeeding Motorcycle - Yo La Tengo


Not sure where this week's playlist went. It must have veered off the highway after too many whiskeys, listening to sad music as it stumbled into the river, with the body of a dead lover in the boot.

Or something.

I'll find it.


How great is that Drive By Trucker's song.

My Love has gone - Josh Rouse
All you can Do - Willie Mason
Maccheroni - The Hoo Haas
The Right Thing - Trysette
Kingswood - The Vasco Era
I’m A Liar - The Wagons
At 17 - Janis Ian
Remain - Jose Gonzalez
Mexico - The Erics
Wait for the Wheels - Gold Rush
Opposite Day - Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs
Angel of Love - Mule Skinner
The Night they drove Old Dixie Down - The Band
The Weight - The Band
In Pursuit - Roddy Ray'Da
Headache over heart ache - Sneeze
Sideways Down - The Frames
Knock Me Down - My Red Blood Cell
Danko/Manuel - Drive By Truckers
Story of an Artist - M. Ward - Daniel Johnston
Story of an Artist - Daniel Johnston
Beneath the Rose - Mich p. Hinson
Lost found - Matt Ralph
Flaming Locos - Flaming Locos -
Jolene - Dolly Parton
The Record Store - The Brunettes
Where the Humans Eat - Willie Mason
Gentle as She Goes - Sime NugentSo Long Marianne - Leonard Cohen


gail with the golden hair - The Hansome Family
untrue - tara angell
gold mine - george byrne
snow camping - laura veirs
a good year for the roses - elvis costello
wet wood - tanya bowra
Ballad of jim jones - Braid Jonestown Massacre
Bloody mother fucking arse hole - Martha Weinwright
Gay Messiah - Rufus Wainright
Ride On - Ride Ons
Finally - The frames
Just could't tie me down - the black keys
don't ride our hearts around - black mountain
The night shift lullaby - Magnolia Elevtric Co.
Mr Bojangles - Tom T Hall
The Unstoppable Missy Brown - The Dawn Collective
Love song to Chan Marshall - Black Neilson
Loney - Mia Dyson
Rain - Jen Cloher
sugar Mountain - Neil Young
Day After Tomorrow - Tom Waits
Blacklisted - Neko Case
Railyard - The Mess Hall
Cold Feet - Tex Perkins
A Hard Man to love - Magnolia Electric co
Lorretta - Neko CasePassing Afternoon - Iron and Wine


Wake Up Litle Sparrow - Devendra Danhart
Did some body make a Fool Out of You - Tony Joe White
Hi- Fi - M- Ward
The Memory Withers - Sasha Klave
Sue'Luke - The Redundant Out House Band
Set us Free - Black Mountain
Girl on my Mind - The Black Keys
The Whistling Man - Major
Plamting My Scerets - Dead Marines
Jail House Fire - Kaura Veirs
Beneath the Balcony - Iron and Wine
Little red Bottle - Martin Stephenson
Hey, Who Really Cares - Linda Perhacs
Everything begins and Ends and exactly the right time - Blue Bottle Kiss
Alone Again Or - Calexico
Black Betty - Spiderbait
Blck betty - LeadBelly
The Re-Mains - Track 1 - The Remains
Rain - Jen Cloher
Bid Country Blues - Stirl Milete - Country Got Soul
Rain - Jen Cloher
Kissing the lipless - The Shins
Up with the birds - Holly Throsby
Ghost Train - King Curly
I need to give this broken heart away - The Beautiful Girls
Sail - George byrne
Silence - GomezHalah - Mazzy Star


More vintage Bug Eyed Highway playlists!

jeezabel - iron and wine
beneath the rose - micha P. Hinson
Mary Jane - The Vines
One Monkey - Gillian Welch
Nyunu ny alltjirriku - Warumpi Band
Love before Money - Richard Beeston
sideways down - The Frames
Sick and tired of being on my own - Mister David Viner
Swet Sugar Mama - G Love and Special Sauce
When your Young - Ryan Adams
Keeping On - Holly Golightly
Portland Oregon - Loretta Lynne
Yeah - Lewis Taylor
Tap Song - Azo Bell
Secrets - The Mares
Mind your own buisness - Hank Williams
Love Letters - Love Me
Dexter and Sinistra - Karama County
Breathless - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Up with People - Lambchop
Chronic - Jesse Younan
It took long to get you - The Cliffy Davis Goodtime Band
I wish that I was Beautiful for You - Darren Hanlon
Losing end - Neil YoungThe Train is Leaving - Entrance


We're going to post up all our old playlists this week before we head into new territory, so that it's all in order.

Here's 23/02/2005

I wonder - Rodriguez
train is leaving - entrance
easy - love me
woman king - iron and wine
don't be howling - holly throsby
it took too long to get you - the cliffy davies goodtime band
come to this - sleepy jackson
secrets - mares
califoria stars - billy bragg and wilco
daddys beating mummy blue - mares
jolene - the white stripes
summer of love - gelbison
song to the siren - tim buckley
sad lady - evans black Sunday
rocket man - my morning jacket
down different roads - the art of fighting
sleeping bag - Beck
This old love - lior
speeding motorcycle - yo la tengo
wonderwall - ryan adams
beneath the rose - micah P hison
dirty old town - the pogues
undertaker - m.ward
rolling home - the millers tale
visiting skin - the morning birds
pistol of fire - kings of leonits been great - my morning jacket


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